Crete Round Font Family Free Download

Crete Round Font Free Download

Crete Round Font is a unique slab serif typeface with soft textual letters arrangements. TypeTogether font foundry took the charge for designing and releasing it for the first time.

It features a perfect clear appearance along with its two styles comprising 416 glyphs count in each. Crete round helps to satisfy various designing work operations as per your needs.

TypeTogether the primary developer of this typeface is an absolute type foundry committed to arete in show typographical layouts with a focus to craft a masterpiece every time.

TypeTogether is famous for its splendid typefaces like Adelle and Bree, they additionally create custom type designs for compile use, including their works for Google Play Books, Clarín, and Apple, Twitter.

Crete Round Font Family

Crete Round Font Free Download

This typeface comes along two unique styles including Italic, and Regular. As per having slab serif traits, it features thick, block-like serifs letters strokes delivering a most legible layout to any textual print.

This typeface is different from the crete typeface due to modified terminals and serif to showcase two new fonts featuring extra functional appearance. The tall x-height, low contrast and powerful slabs prove to be decidedly able for web uses.

Crete Round is ideal to use as the headline and short body text in various sorts of works like books, cooking books, and instructional media in class, banner designs, posters, video titling and more.

Using it for arranging all of the contents of your website, giving a feel to it and communicate the data in a professional manner. For downloading it, you just need to click on the button below and install this typeface into your computer.

Crete Round font holds a freeware software license similar to Cantarell Font Family, and Simonetta Font Family. That’s why you can use it for commercial application as well.

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Crete Round Font Family Download