Itim Font Family Free Download

Itim Font Free Download

Itim Font is a handwritten typeface featuring a unique and elegant texture. It adds value to your textual designs and prepares readers to classify each letter from the textual content specifically.

This unique font family is available in a single regular style. Perfect to showcase headlines of newspapers and magazines. This typeface is Looped Thai and Latin Handwriting typeface that features a rounded tip marker stroke. With its fun and friendly style.

Its modern traits a soft look that’s expressed through genuine serifs and powerful strokes highlights a standard neoclassical vertical texture. Itim is excellent for any designing cause.

It gives a lovely look and preserves the creative feel to any layout. Unique textual styles are perfect for mass content. Improving the probe experience, particularly when analyzing lengthy notes.

Itim Font Family

Itim Font Free Download

Cadson Denmak a Thai communication design firm to develop type design for the primary time. Founded in 2002, this type foundry came together through shared beautiful typography and unique style

In order to increase and modernize the typographic industry, and therefore the wish to form everyday use of type more easily obtain. They Increase from a simple design firm with dozens of their own typefaces into a boutique type foundry under the name Cadson Demak in 2008.

Their fonts are all about adjusting the textual content in the arrangement while growing strong content material. As for itim, it yields considerably clear texture, additionally suitable for longer headlines.

This handwritten typeface like Patrick hand font or tekton font is suitable to use as the headline and short body text in many sorts of works like children’s books, books, cooking books, and instructional media in class, etc.

Its textual styles overcome on the web, be that as it may, in the print world serif typefaces are as yet top decision as far as readability. With modern-day proportions and short letterforms, it’s miles extraordinary for reasonable typesetting, on paper and on display.

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Itim Font Download