Kelly Slab Font Family Free Download

Kelly Slab Font Free Download

Kelly Slab Font is a free slab serif and a new geometric font family. This popular geometric typeface was designed by Denis Masharow during 1930 with square slab serif by Georg Trump.

It is available in single regular text weight. As per its modern texture, it features elegant, clean, and more each letter provides luxuries great vibes to any designing projects.

This modern font is designed for various purposes likes used for branding logotype, impact in advertising, display headlines, large printer, unique names, banners, companies posters, fashion, business cards, and icons.

It also works well in huge dotted text blocks and its unusual structure gives the text line an interesting rhythm, a distinctive, rectangular design that can evoke a sporty, urban feel and available at GD fonts for free.

Kelly Slab Font Family

Kelly Slab Font Family Download

Kelly Slab Font is a modern slab serif typeface, which is designed with an elegant square structure and gracefully stroke modulation. For making the unique project structure it is a brilliant choice.

The is a slab serif typeface with a smooth structure and keen edges layout which might be formed like curls. They combine each letter to create appealing word shapes and textual content blocks with a fine texture.

The geometrically condensed slab serif appearance of Kelly Slab Font with well-rounded curves and these wide counters complete the round finish of this style to create a soft and beautiful tone in the text.

Don’t forget to show praise for this project. Also, preview the letters map images we added along. You can use Luxia Font as basic headline typeface along or Gudea Font for basic textual pair needs.

After clicking on the download link below, download this free typeface in the original type file former and use it wherever you want after installation. You will get a TTF file in zip format.

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Kelly Slab Font Free Download