Khula Font Family Free Download

Khula Font Free Download

Khula font is a modern text Devanagari typeface. Erin McLaughlin took the charge for designing and releasing this font. Taking inspiration from open sans, a Latin family by Steve Matteson.

This font family presently owns 5 weights including light, regular, semi bold, bold, and extra bold. It also helps various languages including Hindi, that features its perfect text Devanagari font set characteristic.

The designer of this typeface “Erin” is an independent type designer expert in the Indian writing styles. She has worked as a non-Latin type expert & type designer for clients like Adobe, Facebook, Google, TypeTogether, Frere-Jones Type and other independent firms.

She already worked at Hoefler & Frere-Jones and collected an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, and made her name in as a well-known type designer in the industry.

Khula Font Family

Khula-Font-Family- Download

This is a sans serif typeface featuring a unique, awesome & Joly appearance. Preview the font maps images we added along to see how this clean typeface is going to look like with your artwork texts.

This web font is a totally royalty-free just like GT America, Chalkduster Font, Arapey, Finger Paint, & Dr Sugiyama Font. Designed for freely use across the internet through any device.

This typeface is best for wide ambitious display headlines and the show makes use of that need a slightly conform appearance. It provides any text calm and clear feeling along with a high-grade legible format.

You can practice it in several places as it also has a great variety of text styles. Apply it in books prints, covers, banners, video titles, posters, hoardings, branding, labelling and more.

Its simple sans serif texture does not have any extending end strokes. It tends to have less stroke width variation than serif typefaces with more legible layout and space alongside.

Use a good font like Teko font family pair along to create stunning designs. Download this free typeface from here after clicking over the download link below in open type file format and use it where ever you like after installations.

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Khula Font Free Download