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Literata Font is a new serif typeface, designed for long-form reading, particularly in eBooks. It was selected for exclusive use by Google Playbooks in two thousand fourteen and published under the SIL Open Font for everyone in January with a constant Font “Weight” axis.

The Literata program was engaged by Google from Type-Together, an international kind structure factory. Use the argument architect device below to examine Literata font, and actualize alarming text-based images or modern logos with different colors and hundreds of reasoning effects.

TypeTogether’s modern quality standards added different characters switched to the lining shapes and currency symbols as default, analyzed all curves, updated OpenType modern features, and checked to space a kerning globally and further.

The font is a serif typeface with smooth shapes and unique terminal forms which might be formed like curls. They join each letter to create appealing word shapes and textual content blocks with a fine texture.

Literata Font

Font Name:Literata Font
Style:Modern, Serif, Typeface
Font Designer:TypeTogether
File Format:OTF
License:SIL Open Font
Files:Literata (Opentype)

Literata Font Free Family Downoad

The font features a hard-look typeface that’s expressed through dedicated serifs and powerful strokes, thus highlighting the standard neoclassical vertical texture. Available in eight different unique styles.

These styles include regular, regular italics, medium, medium italics, semi-bold, semi-bold italics, bold, and bold italics. The standard font added cost to your text. It enables readers to feel statistics from the textual content.

This unique Google font is a display and content serif Web font designed to be used frankly opposite the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, mobiles, and laptops, devices. His work extends all genres, from bright script faces to workhorse content families and operating processes.

You can use this font for free as it is totally a royalty-free typeface like Lusitana Font, Srisakdi Font, Khula, or GT America Font. Pick a better pair to create stunning designs with Literata.

The fonts are the art of arranging all of the contents of your website, giving a feel to it, and exposing the data in a professional manner. To download it, you just click on a single button below and install this typeface on your computer. Happy Designing!!

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Literata Font Free Downoad