SquareCaps Font Family Free Download

SquareCaps Font Free Download

SquareCaps Font is an elegant gothic initials typeface. It was created by George Williams for featuring unique decorative texture. SquareCaps is ideal for clean and attractive graphics layouts.

This free typeface is available in a single regular style. Each letter starting in a word showcases a card-shaped text form. Preview the letter map images we added along to see it actually look like.

This font is perfect for various purposes such as for monogram layouts, creating branding logos, flyers designs, card designs, you can use it for badges, typography designs, and more.

Characters including features an old-style layout owning rounded edges and solid design, perfect for any old style designing operation. Its sequel is an all-cap letter set having almost the same features.

SquareCaps Font Family


Initially, it was considered best of choice for monarchy and politics campaigns. Its texture is delicate and straightforward. Pointy and straight edge terminals with low cross lines and thick curved give this font a heavy feeling.

The font is an old-style typeface with smooth shapes and unique terminal forms that can be shaped like curls. They combine every letter to build appealing word shapes and textual content blocks with a fine texture.

This is clean, yet there is a subtle softness in the roundness of little of the letters. Another great aspect of SquareCaps font is that it is free for personal as well as for the commercial uses.

Practice a good font pair along to create attractive designs. Friday The 13th Font might be a good choice as a headline pair and for regular content, you can choose Gudea a great sans serif font or Istok Web Font.

SquareCaps includes card-shaped initials and upper case letters scheme. Let us know your experience with it. Download it now by clicking over the link below and get it in a true type file format.

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SquareCaps Font Free Download