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Titillium Font is a “present-day” sans serif typeface for text and it is particularly designed for easy reading on any computer headlines or paragraph. That is designed by way of Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino.

It has come with eleven weights from Light, Italic, Light Italic, Extra Light, ExtraLight Italic, Black, Bold, Bold Italic, Regular, SemiBold, and SemiBold Italic, and contains uppercase or lowercase letters, symbols, and different numbers.

The font may be a web font, designed to be used freely across the web through web browsers on personal computers, laptops, cloud structures, and mobile devices. The Font is a sans serif featuring a singular and stylish look.

The purpose of the project is the formation of collective fonts published under OFL. Every academic year, a dozen students work on the project, promote it further, and solve the question.

Titillium Font

Font Name:Titillium Font
Style:Sans Serif, Typeface
Font Designer:Accademia di Belle Arti Urbino
File Format:TTF
License:Free For Commercial Use
Files:Titillium (Truetype)

Titillium Font Download Free

It is shaped by the bird of the same title; its long ascenders and descenders give a very beautiful and classic touch, although it is a humanist framework and rounded terminals provide it with a kind and very smooth feeling.

All in all, the book is an architecture that feels actually personal. It provides a beautiful appearance and protects the creative fee of your content. It supports meeting many work operations as per your needs.

The serif font enables designers to make delicate typographic designs by using lighter weights for body text and heavier loads for headlines and subheadings, magazines, and posters.

He provides any content with a soft and bright feeling. A similar typeface named Nunito Sans Font was created by Vernon Adams as a rounded terminal sans serif for display typography.

They are suitable for the study experience, particularly when reading long messages. In any case, profoundly intelligible typefaces are additionally supported for longer titles. To download it, you just click on a single button below and install this typeface on your computer.

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Titillium Font Download